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Enzymes in dairy

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My entry on enzyme

How to Increase Pancreas Function

Proteins are long chains of amino acids joined by peptide bonds that collapsible into complex three-dimensional structures.

Most Americans suffer from poor digestive health, in addition to being we age, the numbers and problems become much bigger and worse. One of the biggest factors behind this is our body's inability to receive enough of the nutrients it requires to maintain proper health, and one of the biggest nutrients are nutrients.

There could possibly be various reason behind this; like medication, chemotherapy, experience of radiations and certain chemicals, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, skin disorder or stress, etc.

However it's not good to allow it go as it can result in fistulas (one organ through an opening into another), holes in the colon, narrowing in intestines and abscesses.

Why are these claims happening?

Enzymes in dairy

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